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Frequently asked questions

Sussex marketing Ninja are unlike any other web marketing company out there, we check that our service offers a viable  Return on you investment before we take a penny from you.

Once engaging Sussex Marketing Ninja, you’ll have our full attention from the outset, We’ll work with you to get your site built as well and as quickly as possible. Once you sign up, We’ll ask you for a few details and get working strait away to get your site started.

We will set goals and make progress quickly. 

It really is a team effort, Ben is works in sales and  systems development/ site structure.

While Dan and Ron work on designing the site and making sure it stands out in your marketplace. Whilst also keeping an eye on the back end to ensure your site keeps up to speed. 

Ben, Dan and Ron already have a solid working relationship. The opportunity to offer a face to face customer experience whitest also being able to take advantage  of the exchange rate and time difference was just too much of a good opportunity to be missed. One thing Ben Learnt in business was, “keep your overheads low and your performance High” Ben, Dan and Ron are doing just that!