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Subscription Hosting Services

All Packages with Sussex Marketing Ninja include fast hosting for both your live site and your staging site. If you are not familiar with hosting we explain the service you get in full below.


You will benefit from powerful hosting. Free migration of your current website. Free SSL Certificate, with No Lock in you can freely use our services without being tied to a contract.

*Please note that as a subscriber you will have editor rights within WordPress, you will be able to create, edit and delete content. All the functionality side such as plugins and themes will be down to us. All we ask is that you follow our Image Best Practices before you up load anything.

Unlimited Users

You will benefit from having the ability to add as many users to your website as you need.

Domain and Hosting

Pro tip, It is always best to register your domain name within your own account with a domain name registrar, this is the best way to protect your address on the web. Don’t fret we are here every step of the way if you are unfamiliar. Godaddy, Name Cheep and Reg123 are just a few of the companies, but don’t be tempted by their cheep hosting offerings, they just don’t stack up against the pro hosting solutions available elsewhere.

Domain and Hosting Data Encryption

Data encryption as standard, You’ll benefit from rock solid security that will keep your site, your data and your customers safe, do need for you to do a thing it’s all taken care of for you the moment you sign up!