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Forms To Help your Business Thrive

Your new website has the potential to be a powerful tool for growing your business.

With Form Building the possibilities are endless. If you can think it, we can create it! Your forms should not just create an email that you receive to then chase up. You can let your website do the bulk of the work for you, by having it do all the calculations, assigning the lead to the correct team member and even generating a personalised proposal to your customer. You can then choose whether your form will dispatch it immediately, or hold it for you to approve first.  

Feel Free To Try Out the examples Below Now

Ninja Forms

With the Ninja Package you can transform your site into the ultimate power house that is built around your business!

Including all the features of the other two packages they also do much more.

Ninja forms have the potential to save your business £1000’s in admin costs and increase revenue by way of increased conversion rates.

It will:

  • Only display the relevant menus menus available based on the style of service selected
  • calculate the cost of the catering from the details provided
  • limit the minimum number of guests to 25
  • Vary the price per head based on the number of guest attending
  • Allow the user to add an unlimited amount of sub-entries (in this case dietary requirements)
  •  Contains a number of hidden fields that the user cannot see
  • Upon submission generates a unique alpha numeric number that can be used as a reference number for that quotation
  • Produces a Beautiful Personalized PDF Proposal that can be sent to the prospective customer automatically or held for approval (or even both depending on the details submitted) 

Other options available

  • Add a work flow to guide the customer through the rest of the customer journey
  • Take a deposit and set up a payment subscription
  • Fill out forms on other sites*

And much, much more! Basically if you can think it, its probably possible! 


The Apprentice form has all the benefits of the Foundation form but Smarter, It is able to calculate a total cost of the products selected and calculate the total cost. It will then allow your user to make the booking there and then.


Your foundation forms are built on the same system as the other packages so they can grow as your needs do.

They can use conditional logic so you can show only the most relevant information to your users

Simple yet attractive they collect your clients data and unlike many other providers the use data encryption so you can keep your users data save at all times. 

Why Choose Us To Build Your WordPress Form?

You will benefit from our expert knowledge and experience. No learning curve, just the forms you need to reduce your businesses admin costs built quickly.

When it comes to form building,  we have multiple resources available to us that cost £1,000’s a year two subscribe to. It often wouldn’t be viable for a small business to suffer these costs for the functionality they require. 

Our way you get smoother working processes, reduced admin cost and better conversion rates at an affordable price.

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