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Sussex Marketing Ninja, Was born from the need for a small business to find an affordable way to advertise their service, after building a site that was generating in excess of 80 leads a month we then set to automating some of the workflow to save on admin costs but still maintain a happy balance of   automated and human interaction. Helping you and your small business implement better systems and work towards a more profitable business structure.

Why are we called Sussex Marketing Ninja? you can read about that here!

straight Forward Goal

The sole aim of Sussex Marketing Ninja is to help small businesses behave like large businesses. Giving you the tools you need to not only get found on the web, but to help lighten your workload so that you can spend more of your time either looking for, or creating better opportunities for your business.

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Understanding R.O.I

At SUSSEX MARKETING NINJA, we make it our duty to asses your situation and make sure that we are confident that our service will be able to acchive a suitable “RETURN ON INVESTMENT

We understand that for you to engage us, you must be able to profit from our services. 

With that in mind when you choose Sussex Marketing Ninja you have the benefit of well thought out packages and payment plans to help your business grow.

Your Dream, Our Mission.


You’ll help you plan a logical site structure that will be inviting and a joy to use.


You’ll be able to monitor the behavior on your site and put the data to good use.


Analyzing the data is key, you’ll have a helping hand in making further improvements to your website to try and increase those oh so important conversion rates.


Your looking at making your self seen in your market place, we’ll make sure your website does that.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work a clever system

One thing we know is that no entrepreneur is scared of a little hard work, how ever there will inevitably be a time when you will want to step back, If you don’t build a system that will help you do that while you have the energy, you’ll risk burn out and under performing.

Let us help you to start building that system now.



Co-Founder Dan Lamoste

Born in the Philippines, Dan Began work in the UK in his early twenties years, after a happy working relationship with Ben at his catering company Dan had the idea of continuing to work together to continue the revolutionary small business web design. He now offers Sussex Marketing Ninja’s client not only the benefit of his advanced web-creation skills, but almost around the clock service from his Philippines office.
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Co-Founder Ben Horle

Ben Founded a small catering company after a successful career as a chef. Starting his catering company in 2012 he quickly found that the company website was the most rewarding marketing spend. Ben spent most of his time focusing on generating more and more leads to start off with, but then soon realized that conversions and management systems are the most important factors to have in place before you spend a penny on advertising.
It is highly unlikely that you will find a CRM system that will fit your small business, or that you can afford, or that can be adapted to your needs.
That’s why Ben set out with Dan to build websites to give small businesses that give small businesses a better chance of flourishing, that can be built in increments at a price that they can afford.
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